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Romanov sheep farm

Our farm (15  ewes) is located in the central part of Czech Republic, near Caslav. Name of our village is Kozohlody.

GPS: 49°48'50.363"N, 15°24'56.958"E

We produce top quality Romanov sheep genetics. You can find our animals in several countries. Our herd has highest healthy conditions. We are free of brucela ovis and meadivisina of course too.

Romanov  is well known as very fertile breed. Quadruplets are not problem. Traits like  early sexual maturity and fertility are phenomenal. Only 2 weak points for pure Ramanov sheep are muscularity and daily gain.  We try to improve these meat traits. If we compare our animals at the shows they are superior in muscularity and early frame. We use our animals for breeding at the age of 7 month and at the age of 1 year they have their own lambs.


Our rams have between 30-40 kg at the age of 100 days. They have very well developed muscularity. Our genetics is well suitable for pure breeding and of course for crossing with meat breeds too.


If you will have any questions, do not hesite and contact us at slejtr@mybox.cz

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